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Unfortunately, experts estimate that a third of American workers have stolen on the job. Although “internal theft” and “employee fraud” are commonly used, a more encompassing term is “asset misappropriation.” There are many ways to misappropriate employers’ assets, anything from personal use of company equipment, to theft of supplies and materials, to theft of money. The three principle methods employees use to misappropriate cash are skimming, larceny and fraudulent disbursements. Our training and experience in examining and uncovering fraud in all of its forms serve our clients well.

Often clients want to keep such investigations and subsequent arrangements for recovery and dismissal private rather than have the details appear in the Nubs or even on the front page of the local newspaper. When the investigation is completed, employers then have the opportunity to decide the avenue to take in resolving the situation. We respect and maintain the confidentiality of such inquiries.

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Impending business relationships must depend upon due diligence as a part of the decision making process. The integrity and reliability of people are often the most critical factors in deciding to enter into new business liaisons. We offer substantial expertise in conducting and directing due diligence investigations in North Dakota, the nation and even the world through our affiliation with certified and competent investigators wherever needed. Circumstances wherein it is imperative to determine the character and reputation of those with whom one is dealing would include:

  • Acquisitions, mergers and joint ventures
  • Venture capital investment, lending and underwriting
  • Establishment of new client or vendor relationships

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There are many reasons that folks go missing and just as many reasons to find them. Petroleum landmen are trying to find mineral owners, lawyers want to locate heirs to estates, adoptees need information on their natural parents, bill collectors are anxious for skip traces, and everyone wants to find an old boy or girlfriend. We have exceptional resources not available to the normal Internet researcher, experienced investigators available to us nationally and internationally, and an excellent record for timely success.

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W. T. Butcher & Associates, Ltd. is a member in good standing of the National Association of Professional Process Servers (NAPPS) and and we are knowledgeable about and experienced in the service of process.

Process servers are positioned in: 

  • Bismarck/Mandan - covering Burleigh and Morton Counties
  • Fargo/Moorhead - covering Cass County in North Dakota and Clay and Norman Counties in Minnesota
  • Dickinson - covering all counties in far western North Dakota, including Stark and Williams Counties, usually without additional travel fees. 

The first attempt at service is normally made within 24 hours and clients are notified immediately upon service and, in the case of delays, regular updates are given. Affidavits of service are notarized, as appropriate, and returns are made immediately after service is made.

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Business managers can sometimes be the last to learn about allegations by employees or former employees of sexual or racial harassment in the workplace. Complainants often go directly to state labor officials or the EEOC and employers find out when notified by the agencies. Negotiations and efforts at resolution go on for months and sometimes years after the complaint is made and the memory of details becomes hazy for everyone involved. Usually the employers end up paying the complainant some amount of settlement money. The best way for employers to decide how to proceed with workplace harassment complaints is to have an internal investigation immediately after learning of the complaint. We interview witnesses and record their observations, and then employers have concrete information upon which to act.

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The most important investigative technique in insurance fraud, divorce and child custody cases is often surveillance. Our investigators who are based in Bismarck/Mandan and Dickinson have extensive experience in this area. The observations made in the course of surveillance, combined with the results of interviews and other investigative activity are critical in resolving such cases satisfactorily.

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