Pre-Employment Background Checks

Do you really know who you’re hiring? It’s hard to find honest, qualified employees. And think about it. When was the last time you thoroughly and systematically checked out the background of a new employee? If you’re a typical manager, you probably rely on gut instinct and assume everything on an application to be true.

Consider these facts an employer survey conducted by Avert, Inc:

  • 17% of employers reported that former employees were not eligible for rehire

  • 30% of the information on resumes is misrepresented

  • Employee turnover costs about 1.5 times the annual salary for any given position

Now there is a positive confidential source of employee reporting available to you. When you want the facts, but you don’t have the time or know how, call us. We have a tradition of reliability and a staff of caring professionals who get the job done right.

  • Fast – Complete reports on your desk within 48 hours, though some reports may take longer depending on the physical locations and depth required for investigation.

  • Accurate – We deliver on our promises with information drawn by experienced research specialists.

  • Adaptable – We offer options to customize investigations based upon your needs.

  • Affordable – We keep our margins small to give you the best bang for your buck. A basic pre-employment investigation of a North Dakota resident can cost only $50!

If your employees are in contact with the public, you, as an employer, can be sued for negligent hiring if you have not conducted a prior investigation of the employee’s fitness.

McClean v. Kirby Co., North Dakota Supreme Court (1992).

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